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  1. enyworp

    Question Hook assembly

    I'm addressing an Alfa Romeo 147 owner who knows how I could install a towing hook on this car, or at least if you know where I can download an installation manual.. let's talk about the mechanical part, I'll bathe it myself, but with the kit electrical is a lot more complicated, so if you think...
  2. enyworp

    Question How can i remove the alternator at alfa romeo

    hello, I have an alfa 146 1.4 16v and I need to change the alternator. how could I remove the alternator in the simplest way
  3. enyworp

    Problem Problem changer ALFA ROMEO

    I am the owner of an alfa romeo 147 1.6 120 horses and I am facing a rather strange problem....the shifter makes the right-hand stroke when idling very hard... braked compared to an alfa 147 1.9 jtd ..maybe you have some advice .
  4. enyworp

    Question Disassembly of alfa romeo 156 ts electric motor

    Hello, a few days ago I bought an alfa 156 ts 1.6l. I would like to know where the electric motor is located and how to remove it, it crashes when starting.
  5. enyworp

    Question Engine change?

    Does anyone know if it works on an Alfa GTV 1.8 ts from the factory with another engine, namely the 2.0 ts of 155 hp, they need to be modified, the installation remains the same, the computer reads 2.0? Has anyone made the switch from one to the other?
  6. enyworp

    Problem ALFA ROMEO 145 problems

    Hello, I recently purchased a 1998 ALFA ROMEO 145 about 3 months ago. It consumes a little bit more, around 11 liters of petrol/city... apart from one problem, I think I don't have any other big problems with the injections for now. So since I bought it, the LED appears on the board like a...
  7. enyworp

    Question Light block change

    Salutare, am un 147 din 2001 si m-ar interesa cum pot sa schimb blocul de lumini ca sa nu raman apoi cu eroare de airbag ? asta pentru ca trebuie sa dau volanul jos
  8. enyworp

    Problem Cold start alfa romeo 166 2.0TS

    My problem is when I start the car.. when cold, the idle stutters but recovers... + if I accelerate it when cold it gives me misses.. until about 3000 laps. When it heats up..that is, over 50..60 degrees, I can start from the spot with it..but after 3000 laps, it has no throttle at all..out of...
  9. enyworp

    Problem Projector problem

    Hi guys. I also have a problem with the projectors from an Alfa 159 that did not work, I changed the bulbs and wires from the projector on the driver's side, but to no avail. My light bulb error light comes on and the projectors do not power up.
  10. enyworp


    HELLO! I have a problem with the signaling when I try to signal left or right, the relay starts beeping, only when signaling when I press the emergency button it doesn't beep but the lights don't work either. I bought a new relay but the same symptoms, I checked the emergency button and it's not...
  11. enyworp

    Question Alfa Romeo156

    hi. I also have a question.. I found a registered alfa romeo 156 for 3200 euros.. 1.6 engine.... the myths about alfa are not reliable, I don't know what I've heard but I'm not interested... .I'm buying the car for a cousin and he's thinking of installing an LPG it worth it?
  12. enyworp

    Problem Alfa Romeo 156 problems

    Hi, I've owned an Alfa 156 1.8 ts with 144 hp for a month, I changed it: all the spark plugs (the m14 ones are original, the m10 ones are beru platinum) original distribution (I used the way from Zimler, in the cold morning I can't to go with it, yes it dies, it doesn't rev and misses if I try...
  13. enyworp

    Problem Distribution

    Hello people, I also have a problem that I consider quite major, I have an Alfa 147 1.9 jtd 16 V, what I want to tell you is that my timing belt jumped and the engine stopped running, does anyone know if this engine has any protection on the valves or am I giving the money for nothing to the...
  14. enyworp

    Problem Problems Alfa Romeo GT 1.9 jtd 150 hp

    Hello I also bought an Alfa GT from 2005, 1.9 jtd 150 hp, full variant. I like the car and I would like to keep it. I have one problem and question though, the car does not pull at low revs, more precisely below 2500 revs, it has to to step it well from the 1st gear so that it also pulls into...
  15. enyworp

    Problem Help electric mirrors

    Howdy, to go directly to the subject: a few days ago I bought a set of heated and electric mirrors from Alfa 156 Combi. I'm with the temperature sensor. I bought these mirrors with the intention of mounting them on my Honda because I like how they look first of all, they are much smaller and...
  16. enyworp

    Problem Alfa 156 1.9 jtd problems from 1999

    I've owned this car for 2 years and for about 4-5 months I've been struggling to figure out what's wrong with it. it doesn't feel like turbo of any color is coming in, but the tubing inflates it like hell and maintains it (the actuator was blocked but I solved the problem). now I would like to...
  17. enyworp

    Problem Alfa 146 air conditioning

    Hi I have a problem with my car, an Alfa Romeo 146, 1.6 petrol from 1999. My fan is stuck at maximum speed, and the air conditioning button stays connected all the time. I thought it was because of the fan or AC buttons, but I took the plugs with the electrical wires out, and it didn't have any...
  18. enyworp

    Room without foundation (playground for children)

    I want to build, without a foundation, a room of 8mx2.5m, attached to the house, being the playground for children. The only condition is that I can install plasterboard on the inside. What options do I have? Can I use some wooden posts fixed with concrete in the ground? Can I use the wall...
  19. enyworp

    Permanent and useful loads precast concrete slab

    Good evening! I bought a few months ago an apartment in a Russian building built in 1956. Under the solid wood parquet in the bedroom and living room I found another layer of wood and a filling of earth, rubble. Thus, we reached the slabs of the block, and the difference in height between the...
  20. enyworp

    What do I do with the fence board?

    I bought some corrugated iron for the fence, but I decided to make the fence from something else. What can I do with that board? It will have the color of the metal tile on the house. I will have a terrace and a gazebo in the yard. Is it ok to use flat sheet, with folds, to cover terraces...