Problem A4 2000 Sporadic Start Up Problems


Hello! I also have an A4 from 2000 1.9TDI, AHH 66KW engine, 130,000Km. Initially, there were problems with the advance out of the blue - a pronounced noise of high, permanent advance (the advance piston in the injection pump stuck at maximum - diagnosis given by the people from Torbmotor Buc). A week after unlocking (at the mentioned service) the same problem appeared. Another two days the car at the Service (same), another money, another diagnosis: temperature sensor in the pump defective (other "specialists" claim that there is no such thing in this type of pump), the camshaft is offset by one tooth from the point (although when the problem with the advance appeared the first time, the first thing I did was to change the distribution, which had been changed to 90,000). The day after I took the car from them, the real problems started. My car, which usually started at a quarter of an hour, began to start hard when cold. I checked the pipes, solenoid valve, spark plugs, relays (I found out later that the spark plugs are ordered at low temperatures). The strange thing is that it starts up fine many times, but when it is "stained" it doesn't take any color. The only way to start in such a situation is to feed the spark plugs and then it starts (quite hard). Other normal starts follow and the "miracle" happens at irregular intervals, apparently in the same starting conditions as when it starts well. I put it to the tester, all good and beautiful. I don't even know when to go to the service, as it usually starts OK. It made me desperate, every time I get to the car in the morning I give it a penny, start it, don't start it!

On the occasion of the multiple checks, I noticed another oddity (my opinion): when I turn on the ignition, the spark plugs are not energized, after the car starts (when it takes pity on its poor master), the spark plugs are permanently energized (determination made with the measuring device ). on the spark plug sheets). As a result, since the observation made, I drive with the plugs from the spark plugs removed (as I found two ass plugs previously)