Problem A4 b5 1997 abs


I have a problem with the abs

this summer when I was driving a car in Tulcea for a longer trip, the abs light came on and the handbrake blinks

I checked the liquid, and it's ok

that's why the summer went and didn't go.

I mention that when I start the car, my car beeps 3 times longer and the car brake blinks and stays on.

When it flashes, the lights stay on, my abs don't work

the car is 1.9tdi afn automatic transmission

the tester doesn't show anything, when the error doesn't appear, but when abs/l doesn't work, I can't connect via abs mode from vcds

no error is stored.

on the plug from the abs pump, I checked the larger wires and I have minus and plus plus minus

there are 4 thicker pines, the rest are smaller.

I looked for the abs computer, but I didn't find it, I tend to think it's in the built-in abs pump.

I also mention that I have a small, but very small, vacuum leak near the brake cylinder, and after I stop the car, and if I listen carefully to the engine, near the brake servo pump, I hear a little vacuum escaping.

I don't think it's from there, but I specified.