Problem A4 B6/B7 2.0 TDI engine problems


Today, the car made an incredible surprise by deciding not to start. No way... Let's take it in order, I have electricity, I have diesel, I have antifreeze, I have oil, I have a pinched head gasket (the humble opinion of a mechanic who found this due to the loss of antifreeze. I don't have any broken antifreeze hose, cracked radiator , so I don't think anything else). I left by car on Saturday from BV. I arrived in Jupiter with 1L of antifreeze filled. The engine ran flawlessly. Suddenly, this morning it didn't want to start. All the way I didn't hear any strange noises, only SOMETIMES when idling it was blowing a lot of white smoke, and no, it didn't smell like burnt oil. I tried to give it power, although the starter could be heard trying to engage but could not, I pulled it with the Golf, the symptom is as if the engine stalled. The tachometer does not move from 0 at all. I have no errors on the engine. The front wheels squeal, once I try to pull it, they remain stuck. I simply don't know what to do with them, or what to expect, so I'm waiting for your advice, possibly from members who own A4 B7 BLB who have encountered problems with this engine. Thank you in advance!