Problem Air conditioning compressor command


I have a problem with a '96 A4 1.9 TDi. The air conditioner doesn't work, more precisely, it doesn't turn on the compressor. I checked wiring, relays, fuses. We reached the relay that controls the compressor, more precisely relay 267 or J44. This relay with the related pins, 85, 86, 30, 87 is perfectly functional.

85-minus (order)

86-plus contacts

30-plus from Fuse no. 25

87-output plus to the green wire of the clutch from the compressor

The bathroom is like on 85, I don't get minus when I press the snowflake on the climatronic. The minus wire from the relay comes from the climatronic control unit, more precisely a 05mm green/brown wire that goes from the D pin8 plug from the climatronic. If I put a minus on that pin, the compressor starts and works normally.

I checked what I could, that is, the wiring from the plug of the freon pressure sensor to the climatronic unit. Everything OK. I went and put in freon (although it was not necessary). I put the vague on her. Apart from a few errors in 2 aerotherma motors, absolutely nothing. I borrowed another sensor from another car that was perfectly functional, no change either.

What else should I know to check? should the climatronic control unit be removed? I don't know how to end it.

edit: I also checked the temp sensor. outside and it's ok. The board shows the temperature. real.

edit2: I disassembled the climatronic unit in the hope that some circuit is burnt or possibly some cold solder. Pin 8 from plug D comes directly from an integrated circuit, without other connections.

Plug D = plug with 16 black pins. The last one from the climatronic.