Question Airbags


I have a small problem. After an accident, the airbags of my car went off. My car is an Audi A4, 1.9TDI, AFN engine, year of manufacture 1999-2000.

With respect, I would like to give you your opinion regarding the airbags, is it good to install them? Or, do you know the warranty period for airbags in German cars?

The most important thing I would like to know is, how long can you drive with the airbags inflated? Is there any potential problem (engine, ECU, electrical installation...) except the safety one in case of an accident?

Under what conditions should the central unit of the airbags be changed?

Can the central unit be reset? Because I understood that only a reset of the central unit would be necessary...

If it can be reset, does anyone know how and with which device?

Does anyone know a source, a place, someone from where I can buy airbags for my car model at a more affordable price?

Thank you for your attention and answers!