Problem Alarm with engine start


Hello, I decided to open a topic because I can't find any for my problem in this area and no mechanic/electrician knows what the problem is.

It is an Audi A3 8P 2.0 TDI CFGB 170, which had an alarm module with remote engine start installed. I went to an electrician and he removed the module (it was mounted under the steering wheel, above the pedals). From the moment the alarm module was removed, the cruise control no longer works and jerks the car hard when I press the accelerator in motion or when I take my foot off the accelerator for a second, after which it runs normally until the next pressing of the accelerator pedal. (and when I change the speed and when I don't press the clutch). The car ran perfectly until the moment when that alarm module was removed. The electrician looked to see if there was anything wrong and said no. There are no errors on the tester.

I think that maybe he touched the switch on the clutch pedal or something like that, which is also related to the automatic pilot and the jerks.. I mention that the brake lights only come on with the key turned to the first position, I don't know if that was the case before...

I hope someone can help me, thanks.