Problem ALFA ROMEO 145 problems



I recently purchased a 1998 ALFA ROMEO 145 about 3 months ago.

It consumes a little bit more, around 11 liters of petrol/city... apart from one problem, I think I don't have any other big problems with the injections for now.

So since I bought it, the LED appears on the board like a lighted candle...

I had a meeting with a mechanic friend... he told me it was the injections

On the first day of the appointment, they kept me for about 3 hours without doing anything to him... I got angry and had to come back later another day... I came back the next day in the morning... I left the car with them and I came back the 2nd day

it cost me quite a bit ... the thing is that I took the car exactly as I brought it ... they didn't do anything to it ... they recommended changing the clutch pedal, short phase LEDs ... no injections and the serious fact that below 3,000 revs the engine almost chokes and has no power.

So the simdrom is below 3000 revs, the engine is a bit choked and has no power. In any gear, it doesn't shoot until it jumps 3000 rounds...

Another driver friend recommended me to put 2+2 additive in the petrol... in desperation yesterday 12.11.2008 I put this additive in and filled it up... now I'm waiting for the tank to run out to see if it has any - a effect...

If any of you with an ALFA 145 or another ALFA model had these symptoms and solved them, please tell me what you did or what advice you give me.