Problem Audi A3 8p error codes


The details of the car

1. Make: Audi
2. Variant type: SBLSF1
3. Type version: FM5A4044R8P607GGEM0
4. Model: A3 1.9 TDI
5. Vehicle identification number: WAUZZZ 8P 8 AA029340
6. Engine no.: BLS B23636

The car started to lose power.

Being in England, the wife took the car to the service and during the diagnosis they found the errors mentioned in the attachment. (1610, 2002, 473)

After starting the engine, the Emission Control System light (orange light in the shape of a stylized engine) remains lit and the Engine Management light (orange light in the shape of a 2-turn spring) flashes continuously. according to picture 3.

Unfortunately, it was not clarified what defect the engine has, what work should be done and what parts should be changed.

If someone could enlighten me, I would be grateful. I intend to go to England and on this occasion to leave prepared to solve the problem in a crisis budget.

Thank you in advance