Problem Audi a4 1996


Good evening, I recently found a good offer, I say, an Audi A4 from 1996, 1.6. The car is in good condition, not extraordinary with some scratches, but otherwise maintained. The price is 1850 euros, the car is registered, with 175,000 km (but I say more). Tonight I did a test, but in the dark and on a 500 m route I couldn't really see anything. I noticed that it runs a little from the bottom, but it is possible due to the tires in deplorable condition. I also noticed that the ornament under the front bar is missing (that plastic part along the entire length of the bar), I think it's from under the skirt (I don't know exactly what to call it) I don't know exactly how much the ornament costs, but if you know exactly what is it called I would appreciate it. I would like to find out how much it will cost me and if it can be taken separately so that I don't have to be surprised that I have to buy another bar. When I opened the hood, that engine was not washed, I think that since 1996 something seemed wrong, everything else was ok, I will attach a picture, there was a lot of liquid around that cover.

Now I'm in a very bad situation with money and I'm still calculating how much I'm going to pay for the car, but I don't know what to do with the documents, do you know how much it will cost me?

I'm asking because it's only the 2nd car I'd like to buy since I got my driver's license and the first time I had no idea what was done with the documents, my parents took care of it.

It would be the insurance (say 6 months)

Tax? can it be paid in 4 months as there are left of the year? or is it only paid for 1 whole year?



I don't know exactly how much all this costs me, plus I have to buy 4 tires and put that ornament on.

As a clarification, options would be (air conditioning, 2 electric windows, cd player, abs, 2 airbags, central locking), if you have any opinions, I will be happy to hear from you