Problem Audi A4 2001 Electrical Problems


Hello, I also have an Audi A4 from 2001 1.6 petrol. I was very happy when I bought it and very disappointed after 2 years of detention. After many problems, some of which I posted on the forum, other problems appeared in addition to the old ones on which no one discovered. Having left the city, I decided not to take the car after a few days, when I returned, the battery in the car was dead, said and done, I bought another battery, I maintain that during this time I did not drive the car after 2 days and this battery is dead like the first one, now because the car does not start for mechanical reasons, I bought the 3rd battery, staying with the first result, i.e. dead battery, I repeat, I have not driven the car at all, can someone help me?

Thank you in advance