Problem Audi A4 Board problems



I have a friend who owns an A4 1.9 TDI (2001) and has problems with the instruments on the board. That is, after it had a weak battery, and had to give it power to start, the mileage, tachometer, water and diesel indicators no longer work. Moreover, the dashboard light does not work anymore, except the LCD display which is red and does not signal any problem.

He had this problem before, but only in very cold mornings when the car started more difficult. After 50 Km the dashboard came back to "life", probably because it was hot in the car.

He checked the fuses and all are OK. I mention that the air conditioning does not work OK either, because if you put it on automatic mode instead of increasing the fan speed, it drops almost to zero. Thus it must be set manually :rolleyes:

I have searched the forum very well but only found minor issues about this.