Problem Audi B4 2.0 Engine Code Abk


Hello everyone! Considering that for a few days I came into possession of an AUDI 80 B4 AVANT 2.0E engine code ABK, I decided to tell you the small problems I have (I hope they are small) and I ask those who can help me.

The only problem I have is related to the engine. Sometimes it starts hard. It may also be the fault of the contact, which I have to press a little otherwise I have no chance and this by putting the key in a certain position. Once it starts, it sometimes revs up and down when idling. It fluctuates between 800 and 1200 RPM. after 1 minute it doesn't have anything, but once I start from a standstill it seems like it's firing. The oil shakes as if it is not fueled. The owner told me that he took it to the computer and they told him that there was a problem with the cold start injector. After 5 minutes of driving, the car runs smoothly, but it seems to accelerate a little hard. I have to accelerate a bit so that the engine reaches a higher speed while driving.

One more thing: the long-distance consumption is 6.15% (that's how much I got on a long-distance trip of 500 KM). In the city I still haven't realized how much I have. A combined average with the first full I made was 8.15%.

Please give me some advice vis-à-vis the problems exposed by me. No wonder, but I fell in love with this car and I want to keep it in the best possible condition. I will be back with new details shortly.