Problem BMW M47 low boost


Car -> BMW 320d E90 M47 '06 stage 1.

I changed the injectors because they had too high values and high consumption. I chose to take 4 E60 530d injectors. They are the same injectors and have the same code.

On the day to change the injectors, I went somewhere and the car had power.
I put the injectors on the car and coded them. I started the car and checked to see if there was any error. It didn't get any error.
So I said I'll take a tour to see if it goes ok. And the car was completely dead.

I press the pedal all the way down and nothing... I smoke a cigarette until it revs up to 4000rpm.

I went home and entered the diagnosis to see live parameters.

Injector volume: ~60mg (as before I changed the injectors)

Boost pressure, actual value: ~2100 mbar

Boost pressure, target value: ~ 2600 mbar

I stayed the mask.. I checked the game turbine and it has a little up-down right-left, forward-backward it doesn't.

The car has no errors. What could be to blame?