Construction of a natural stone fence



I have been following and reading this forum with interest for several months. I decided to ask for opinions here today.

I recently bought more land and have about 1900 ml to fence. I want the fences to be built from natural stone. My questions are:

1. What dimensions should be taken into account for a fence with a height of 2m? I am referring here to what thickness (or width) should be built and also the dimensions of the foundation.

2. From my calculations, which are definitely wrong (I didn't consult anyone in the construction field), it seems to me that I would need approximately 10,000 tons of stone. Am I wrong? Are they close to the actual material needs?

3. What kind of stone would be indicated for this construction? Where could I procure such a quantity so that the stone is all of the same type?

4. What would be an estimated price, as close as possible to the final price?

Thank you very much!