Question Curiosity charging Samsung



I have a curiosity to which I could not find an answer.
It is related to charging my phone, Samsung J6 2019.
With original Samsung cables, charging is done at 1A, and with no-name commercial cables, charging starts after a few seconds of probably protocol negotiations, at 0.45A.
Both cables are also for data (I use them to connect the phone to the laptop without problems and they work just as well).
Out of curiosity, I disconnected both plugs (both microusb and usb) from an original cable and from a no-name one, thinking that maybe the original one had some different components or connections, or damn it...
No question, the connections are the same, the same 4 wires connected to the same pins, both shielded cables, the architecture of the plugs is slightly different from one to the other, but electrically nothing different.
How the hell does tel know that one cable is original and one is not?
That both were connected to the same original charger.