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The clone Paxful script is a custom script for launching a digital currency exchange like Paxful. Our Paxful clone is a ready-made script that helps entrepreneurs start their own exchange bureaus and conduct business free of trouble with advanced features.

Paxful is one of the most prominent peer-to-peer digital currency trading platforms, involving over 300 types of payment methods. This user-friendly platform created opportunities for business. Paxful clone put the scene in the center of attention for broadcasting the business.

Our Paxful clone has been developed by taking into account the main features such as reliability and reliability that are very convenient. Its business practices help the individual secure a distinct investment among his competitors. We at RADINDEV, with experienced team members, offer the optimal solution to launch your business website.

Development of White Paxful Label Clone​

With the intact team of Blockchain Architects, we offer the Paxful Clone Development Service well. We will help you provide a trust ecosystem. Our goal is to offer a white label Paxful clone, offering a fully customizable business solution to start your dream for the ideal business. We help the use of proven business strategies, reducing financial risks, and reducing costs and time of development. Our white Paxful label clone script features include:

  • strong trade engine
  • Multilingual support
  • ad-based trade
  • atomic swaps
  • intelligent contract based assignment
  • multiple payment methods
  • Trusted P2P Trading
  • Manage advanced conflicts
  • Add a dynamic password

Paxful Clone Script Highlight Features​

Close race​

Based on the selected payment methods and other features, the compliance between the buyer and seller is executed, which is easier for users. A close race helps traders gain their favorite traders by satisfying demands.

KYC and AML​

To verify the identity of the client, ensure the KYC/AML policy, fix the process. KYC and AML facilitate secure trade during exchanges. This helps ensure that the trader is allowed access to the trading platform with reliable users.

Chat option​

The buyer and seller can chat directly through the chat option at the exchange. The seller and the buyer can share a room without sharing their personal information about the business on the site to ensure transparency.

Multiple payment ports​

Traders can buy digital currency easily using multiple payment options. The trader can make payments using various options such as card, bank transfer, and PayPal, and so on. This facilitates convenience and makes it easier for traders to obtain digital currency.


Traders can easily navigate and buy digital currencies without obstacles such as language barriers. Traders from different parts of the world can easily use your currency exchange to obtain digital currency.

Safe trade​

Users can buy and sell digital currencies securely using Amani Services. Amani is a measure to monitor transactions between sellers and buyers. For example, escrow keeps the vendor's encryption until the buyer makes the payment successfully.

Crypto Wallet Integration​

The Cryptocarnesian wallet is incorporated on the exchange platform to provide a secure and hassle-free business experience to the exchange platform's users. The user that has been successfully registered and approved in the exchange is assigned separately with the cryptographic wallet.

Buy/Sell Send Notification​

Traders can trade digital currencies in exchange bureaus by sending advertisements. A trader can post sales advertisements and explain the requirements in detail. This allows traders to have complete control over their digital assets, such as those who wish to trade digital currencies.

Dispute management​

The difference of opinion about the vendor and user can be resolved from the Admin side to make the issue needed. With the help of Amani Service, the trader difference can be solved efficiently.

Key security features in our Paxful Clone script​

The Paxful clone script of RADINDEV provides advanced features to ensure traders' confidence and transparency in their accounting activities. We design and develop Paxful clones, so we are cautious in using user-provided data and credit data within the exchange platform.

  • Verify email
  • Google Authenticator
  • 2FA
  • Anti-phishing code
  • Anti-Denial Service
  • Submit is enabled
  • multilayer security
  • CSRF and SSRF
  • time-limited withdrawal