Problem Dpf particle filter Audi A4 2007


The car was bought from Germany from Audi-Zentrum, it is from 2007 and when I bought it it had 6000 km, now it has 10000. I went to Germany without any problems, I brought it to Romania for 2 months and after a week the problems started. My engine-particle filter sensor lights up and after about 2 days the engine starts not to pull at all and consumes like hell.

I went to the representative in Iasi because the car is under warranty, I was told that it is because of the bad diesel from us and the fact that I only go to town with it and it is underpowered.

I did a refresh, they eliminated the error and it went ok after a week and the same problem and service again and refresh and so on. Now I'm already on my 4th gender combination within a month and I feel like I'm going crazy.

The people at Sandra told me that the particle filter is getting clogged, but in fact it would be a problem related to how the respective sensor is set.

They also said that the filter is ok and does not need to be changed and that they have nothing to help me except to eliminate the problem for the moment, that is, with the respective refresh and if I want to eliminate the problem completely, I have to go to Germany with it because otherwise it is not possible.

Does anyone have a solution?