Problem Electrical problem


Hello. Tonight I went out of the city to a nearby commune 10 km away. I stopped, I stayed for 10 minutes, when I started from the spot, I started the engine and the problems started. My headlights, projectors, high beams, signals, the heating fan, the wipers stopped working, none of these all of a sudden!!! I checked the fuses with the light of the flashlight, they all seem to be ok. I don't know what it could be. Only the position of the dashboard light, the interior light, the engine, the cassette player and the high beam flash still work. I managed to get home with difficulty with the damage and the high beam. But I don't know what the problem would be, why all of them stop working all of a sudden! when I turned it off, everything was working, after 10 minutes when I started it, nothing worked, does anyone know what it could be or have experienced this problem before?