Problem Engine Temperature Indicator Problem



The first time I noticed the problem was after 10 minutes of turning on the climate control at 26 C, the engine started to shut down. I stopped the car, raised the hood and noticed that both fans were running at low speed. I stopped the engine for 10-15 minutes during which the blowers continued to run (usually even when the engine is hot, the blowers stop when the engine is turned off). After 10-15 minutes the fans stopped, I started the engine and left for the service. Now everything was going normally. After another 10 minutes, the engine stalled and the yellow valve light came on. During the diagnosis, it gave me a G62 error, which I did not change right then. I changed the G62 and I don't know if the problem has been solved because when I turn on the heat (26C) the engine temperature on the board shows 60C (minimum) and the fans also run at low speed. Now when I turn off the engine, the fans also turn off. I still don't understand how the temperature needle can drop to 60C after only a few seconds when the engine is heated to 75C. Thank you, I hope you can help me.