Problem Gasoline pressure regulator A3 8L



I came into possession of an A3 8L from 1997, 1.6 AEH petrol.

I searched and found no reports regarding my questions.

After I solved the problem with the cold start (it was the induction coil), the idle is still not stable. It's better than before, but it's still not 100%. That vacuum hose that goes to the pressure regulator was disconnected.

What exactly does the vacuum do with the regulator?

The problem is the following. If the storm is connected, the lamp correction drops to -25% at idle, it varies between -20% and -25%.

If that futunas is not connected, the correction is from -15% to -19%. Obviously, it draws air there (false) and there is no need for such a large compensation.

If I accelerate, the correction settles at -5% to +5%. So in turns it's ok.

I don't think so at idle, although I don't have any stored errors....

I am waiting for advice...

L.E.: Meanwhile, I found out what that vacuum applied to the regulator does... Theoretically, when the vacuum decreases, the pressure in the ramp increases.

So something is not right, for me when the vacuum decreases (I disconnect the throttle) the lambda correction moves from -20/-24 to -16/-19. I mean exactly the opposite. It receives more fuel with the applied vacuum....