Problem Honor 50 lite, working problem


I purchased a phone, as the old one was a clone of the Huawei p20 with 3 GB ram and the battery no longer held.
I wanted something huawei but with google app.
So I got an honor.
Only as an unpleasant surprise, it goes much harder than the old one.
And yet it's nice as a screen shape, but in some games it hangs and doesn't go italic.
On the old one, I was fine, on this new one, which has double the power, processor and ram freezes in some games.
Maybe the phone is bad, or maybe something needs to be done.
I will keep it for two more days, and return it.
By the way, don't ask another question or open another topic, I took it in installments, can I ask for another one, or change it, or give me another model, for a fee?