Problem Hot start problem A3 1.9TDI 2004


It is about an A3 1.9TDI year 2004 55000km, BKC engine two pumps.

The morning starts perfectly. During the day, after driving with it for a while, I turn off the engine for 10 minutes and... it doesn't want to start... I turn on the key until it gets tired, leave it for a while... and turn on the key and finally it starts.

The car was put on the Porsche N computer and it didn't show any errors.

Those from Porsche Nord said: with the diesel engine, you don't have to wait until certain lights on the board go out, that is, you put the key in the ignition and turn it directly and continuously to the maximum and it starts.

It seems out of place to me! Could it be true, could this be the cause of my starting problem in the middle of the day? I think it's normal to wait until certain dashboard lights go out and then turn on the key.

On another note, is there a possibility that the fuel pump is "tired"?? and to make figures in the heat?