How many millimeters in 47.83 centimeters?


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The "metre" is a distance measurement unit used in the metric system. The "centimetre" and the "millimetre" are both derived from the "metre." Because "one-hundredth" is the meaning of the prefix centi-, each meter is equal to one hundred centimeters. Because "one-thousandth" is the meaning of the prefix milli-, one meter equals one thousand millimeters. The difference between millimeters and centimeters is merely one tens place, which implies that eventually, there are ten millimeters for every centimeter.

One centimeter equals ten millimeters; therefore, 1 cm = 10 mm. It indicates that to calculate the number of millimeters per centimeter, you will need to multiply the centimeter measurement by 10, starting with 1.
Even though the millimeter and the centimeter are derived from the fundamental unit known as the meter, the millimeter is the smaller of the two. Therefore, multiplying the initial value is required whenever you convert a bigger metric unit to a smaller metric unit of any kind.

Example: 47.83 cm x 10 = 478.3 mm
The width of the table in the problem is 478.3 millimeters.