Problem I accelerate And Nothing Happens!


The problem I am reporting has been occurring for almost a year, but its frequency has increased recently.

In short...I drive the car from the spot and even in 1st gear, the car "goes in the nose"...or, I go in 3rd-4th at 2000-2500 revs, I press to accelerate and.... for a few seconds, even 10, the car does not accelerate, or this in the summer - I was stuck for about 1 minute at 3800 revs until it moved on to 4000 and up... very often I have to shift to the lower gear to unlock the phenomenon.

When these problems occur, the car does not idle, it goes with spasms, in waves - the speed drops a lot, increases again...and the engine even dies.

I checked and changed the air filter and fuel.

Why don't I go to a mechanic to test it?

answer: I went, but always to the mechanic, the car has nothing, it runs normally without any anomalies...and he always tells me to come with it when it has problems.

car: A3 from 2002; 1.6; benzine.

Does anyone know where the anomaly could come from? Have you experienced or heard of it before?...any sensor, any `lambda' probe?...specific problem with A3?