Question Increasing battery life (Nova 5T)


What are you doing, activated/deactivated settings to increase the phone's battery life?

I disable the location for some applications and usually I don't always keep the location and mobile data open.
Then I keep the brightness as low as possible in the rooms and in the light I have to increase the brightness.
I disable the vibrations for notifications and calls because I know that they consume quite a lot of battery.
I understood that the temperature where the phone is kept matters a lot (10-25 degrees C), colder yes but more than 25 degrees C no. If the values are not correct, please correct me.

I don't let the phone discharge more than 20% as recommended by Huawei (and others I suspect) and I don't charge it more than 90%, normally I understood that it would be up to 80% like with electric cars but with the phone mine appears to be fully charged at 90%.

For example, if I don't manage to charge the phone up to 90%, I understood that it wouldn't be a problem with the number of charging cycles, but I don't think it's too ok if I keep charging the phone often.
I see there is something else "Intelligent battery capacity", what is it about?

Through the settings, I found the "Smart charging" function, which was activated by default. What does it do exactly, in the description it says that it will learn the charging routine and will stop charging at 80%, resuming it when I need to use the device. For me, it charges up to 90%, maybe up to 100% if I leave it until then.

Those who want to bring criticism, please refrain from comments like that the phone won't last for I don't know how long, that it doesn't work... These are just some preventive measures and I want to do some tests.
I am satisfied with how long the battery lasts and I want to see if it can be even better than that.