Info Information About Audi A3 8l With Euro 4



I have decided that I will buy an A3 for up to 8,000 euros. As the car tax still raises problems for Euro 3 engines, I have to take the 1.6L 102hp model, produced since 2000. Also, due to the fact that the automatic model has higher CO2 emissions (190 compared to 163), it must be manual.

So: Audi A3 8L 1.6l 102hp, 5-speed manual.

I got hold of the technical sheet and this is what I found out:

cosum: 5.2/6.8/9.6

co2 :163

0-100 :10.9

tax calculated with the new formula: 192 euros

The questions:

1. What are your consumptions with this/or similar engine (1.6 101hp or 1.6 FSi or 1.8 20V)

2. At what price and how many kilometers did you get it?

3. At how many kilometers would the distribution normally have to be changed?

4. Known faults that I have to pay attention to (apart from the Lambda probe, which I understood should go to around 40 Tkm)

Health, thank you.