Problem Installation of windshield wipers and rear window


I greet you,

I am writing to you because I have problems with the installation of the windshield wipers and rear window. The car is an A4 avant from 2000, and the problems are the following:

1. a long time ago I noticed that, if I let go of the wiper on the rear window, it went like the ones in front, even if I didn't activate the wiper (I know that only then it goes all the time, otherwise having a break after each pass ). In addition, it would not stop, even if I put the lever back in the off position, continuing to go all the time without breaks. At some point it stops, but I still don't know what it is reacting to. One more thing: I tried to see if the wiper stops when I turn off the engine and restart it. The result was that the wiper resumed its turns after the ignition was switched on without me doing anything to it.

2. today the windshield wipers also started to show signs: if I move the lever of the wipers down (to make a single pass), the wipers start and make several passes (the number varies) until they stop, although the lever no longer gives the command . In addition, they don't stop all the time down (I've had them stop the wrong way). There are no problems in the other modes of operation.

I wonder what could be to blame? Could it be a contact from the wiper lever?

Has anyone experienced this before and if so, what should be done?