Problem Intermittent engine shaking, injector grinding sound.


I thought I'd post here the problem I've been having for some time in the idea that maybe someone has encountered it before.

The tremors and that sound appear intermittently and usually when the engine is warm, at idle I don't notice any fluctuation of the tachometer, instead the engine does not work "round" but it trembles and has that grinding sound, at which point if I accelerate it emits quite a lot of smoke white, which makes me think that too much diesel is injected.

I'm sorry I didn't take a picture during the first test with VCDS to attach a picture, in short, an error was noticed on injector 1, and at the mechanic's recommendation I went to test the injectors on the bench. After the test, it was found that the injectors are within parameters, the o-rings, injector caps and fire washers were changed, installed back, the problem returned in a short time, I purchased an injector that was also tested on the bench, mounted on the car, but the problem still persists , on the other hand, I haven't seen any errors on the injectors on the tester. However, I would like to mention that even before changing injector 1, but also after changing it on the tester, when the defect appeared, a much higher value appeared compared to the rest, somewhere at 2 compared to 0.40, yesterday I also changed the BOSCH COMMON RAIL SYSTEM PRESSURE CONTROL VALVE 0281006074 because on small oscillations were visible in the tester, the problem still manifests itself, the next recommendation is to also change the BOSCH COMMON RAIL SYSTEM PRESSURE CONTROL VALVE 0281006074.