Making Use of Transitions in an Essay


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Writing an essay can be challenging, but there are certain techniques that can help make your essay flow better and be more effective. One of these techniques is to make use of transitions. Transitions are words or phrases that help connect one idea to another and make the essay sound more natural and easy to read. Transitions can be used to link ideas in the same paragraph, or to link two different paragraphs. For example, using the transition “however” can help to connect two ideas that contrast each other. Similarly, using the transition “in addition” can help to connect two ideas that are related. Another way to use transitions is to indicate a shift of focus. For example, the transition “moreover” can be used to move the reader’s attention to a new point. Transitions can also be used to indicate a conclusion or to summarize a point. Using transitions in an essay can make it flow more naturally and make it easier for the reader to follow the argument. If you are not sure how to use transitions in your essay, you can find helpful resources at They offer many free guides and articles on essay writing, which can help you understand the best ways to use transitions in an essay.