Problem Oval discs?


For some time I have had a vibration at medium braking.

I have S3 brakes with Tarox F2000 discs and DS 2500 pads. The discs are ribbed.

I have not been on the circuit with them, I have not been to the dashes, in general I have not particularly requested the brakes. As much as can be requested per stall, at a fairly normal pace.

Coming back to strong braking, everything is OK with very light braking, it's ok again, with normal, medium braking, it vibrates badly.

I don't know if what I feel comes from striations or the discs have become oval.

What could it be? Was it really ovalized after only 40 - 45,000 km?

The plates on the outside still have enough meat on them, I don't know how the ones on the inside are.