Question Phone unlock mode



I have a huawei honor 8x. I didn't choose unlocking by fingerprint because no, the child, the husband, the cane stuff are still walking around. I was drawing a mundane V and that was it.
After installing a work profile, my unlock method has changed, that is, instead of unlocking it like before, I do it with my work account password.
Personally, I find it illogical. It's like the neighbor comes, changes my yala, gives me the key, I enter the house, but on his terms.
Is there a way to go back to the old unlock other than uninstalling the service profile?
I've been looking through the settings but can't find anything, if I go into biometrics and password and want to disable the lock screen password, it tells me to contact the organization.

Is there any solution?
Other than an email with some saints lined up and uninstalling the profile?

PS: I had it before on another phone, a huawei p9 lite, the same thing didn't happen.
Now, on this device, yes. The explanation received: something complicated, that before the way of work was organized separately, now it is a kkt.