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Hello, I have a Xiaomi POCO M4 PRO 5G, it is 3 months old, bought from eMag, I noticed the following problems with it:

1. sometimes even though it is not hot/heated or the weather is very hot, the hostpot does not activate and/or it deactivates quickly, after a few minutes, sometimes it recovers after a restart or after some time

2. the same problem happens but less often with GPS, it deactivates by itself if it is slightly heated, not necessarily kept in the sun or hot. Also if I leave Maps active and turn off the screen for voice navigation only it tells me "the GPS signal has was lost)

3. the battery, although it has 5000mah, sometimes it doesn't "last" even 1 day or half a day, kept on 5G and occasionally YT 1-2 hours, HBO Max, Hostpot, etc., I don't play on it and I don't keep the brightness on manual or to the maximum

I mention that I don't hold the phone in the holder on the windshield in direct sunlight, I prefer to keep it on the armrest or on the chair instead of sitting in the sun.

I owned 2 other Xiaomi models in the past (Note 3 pro and Note 5 pro), also with the previous phone (Huawei P40 lite), I did not encounter these problems (1 and 2)

Please give me an opinion or an idea, is there anything wrong with the phone, any overheating protection or something else or does it need to be sent for service? I understood that those from ESD on bd. Decebal is an authorized Xiaomi service.



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Be careful that the AP band is not set to 5GHz at the hotspot, it is best to set it to 2.4😉
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