Problem Power steering pump problem


I also have a big problem: I had a continuous noise (a noise) in the power steering pump ever since I bought the car. Adik was also basing in the straight line when we were not turning. OK.

Consequently, I said to do the job as per the book, and I replaced the power steering pump and implicitly changed the oil as well (taken from Porsche, G 002 000) so what should I do. The result: NOTHING....I'm absolutely exasperated....the buzzing is really slower, but when I turn, the buzzing intensifies, at the end of the steering wheel travel it becomes really disturbing.

I don't know what to do, what to believe... :lol: :lol: the guy from the service where I made the change said that there is no problem, that it's ok... and my car is running fine.

Please tell me is it ok?!?!?!? or what to do to solve this noise.

Ahh..and at the moment when the buzzing becomes more intense, the engine speed drops by 100-200 revolutions (it starts stuttering).

I'm extremely sad that after all this I didn't solve the problem (according to you).

Thank you in advance !