Problem Problems generated by Windows 11 updates


I am opening a new topic so that, if you experience what I experienced today, you will know what you have to do.
1. Laptop Dell Vostro 3580, i7, gen. 8, 2 SSDs, 8GB RAM.
2. OS Windows 11 pro, upgrade from 10 pro (obviously with license).
3 Symptoms:
- I was looking on the net, when...
- black screen, with functional capslock. I thought I ran out of battery, I put it on charge and left it alone.
- in a few hours, I'm back, I'll start it
- Based on the fact that I did not adjust the time in the BIOS. I adjust the time (it was around August)... Restart
- Blue screen and see the picture.
- Restart, support assist is taken into account. Let him do something, he doesn't succeed
- Restart, cancel at support assist, blue screen. Finally, I was equipped with the phone, picture of the code, I open the Microsoft cica page to restore to the last configuration before the update. It did not work...
- I'm back in safe mode, let's uninstall the updates. Which were possible... (the quality ones only). I did this too, restart
- the same blue screen
Restart, F12 I enter the BIOS and I find it changed, the most important change being in the operation mode - checked RAID. Damn idiot! He saw 2 SSDs of similar capacities and he thought I had RAID? AND when did he update my BIOS without me knowing? Or how did it change my options?
I had to make some changes to get to my old BIOS.
Obviously, in the BIOS, I unchecked the BIOS updates through Microsoft Windows Update, an option that I did not notice before and I do not remember ever seeing it.