Problem Samsung A41 - Notifications and email


1. When I lose an SMS, for a second, a small message appears at the top, and a thin colored line appears around the screen. Is there a possibility for that line to reappear once every few seconds, without other programs, for sms, whatsapp and missed calls? Or if that's not possible, at least around the front camera, which I see emits a white light every time I turn on the screen. I know there are software and I'm currently using NotifyBuddy, but with it, I only have a small dot on the left side of the screen. I would be grateful if what appears in sms, I can set for any program and at what interval I want.

2. On another older Samsung model, when I send an email from the phone software, I can resize the image. From the email program of the new phone (the one with the letter M), nothing related to resizing appears. Is there a setting somewhere?

Thanks !