Problem Samsung A50 problem


Hello, I have a problem with the samsung a50 phone, purchased 2 weeks ago, it's about receiving calls and sometimes mobile data, I have. I've been to vodafone, they took out the cards, inserted them into their phone and went, they told me they didn't have anything then they also looked at the settings and it was fine, it had recovered after putting in sim1 calls and sim2 data once more
But the problem repeats almost every day, I can't be called because when someone calls me, they tell me the subscriber can't be contacted or simply hangs up, I had this problem 3 days ago with the data, I turned it on but it didn't work, I activated it from the settings and no it didn't work at all, it recovers with a restart on the phone, so what would be the solution
I also had a problem with messages a week ago, but now it works when I was sending, it appeared that sending the message did not work
For the solution or restart or I have to always put sim 1 calls sim 2 data, below is a picture with the signal in the picture is low exactly when it doesn't work like this the rest of the signal is full