Problem Samsung J6 - starts very hard


Hello! I bought the phone in the title, with the defective touch but the functional display. When I received my phone, it turned on, the display was working. After pressing the three buttons to turn it off, the screen turned off and did not turn on the next time. But the phone was working because it was receiving power, charging and even taking screenshots, the beeps could be heard. I said that the screen failed, especially because it also had a small hole in one corner, maybe from the isopropyl alcohol with which I cleaned the phone upon receipt.
I changed the whole assembly (touch + display) and found that it had a google account. And this is where the problems start.
It started hard, I really thought it broke down. It doesn't even display the Samsung logo. But after a long wait it started, the man told me the data to remove the google account and it was somewhat ok. I deduced that he was in some kind of loop.
Now it starts very hard. Now it displays the "Samsung J6" logo for 5 minutes. Then another minute a simple "Samsung" and only then does it enter Android.
After about 5-6 minutes, it enters the operating system and then works perfectly.
What do you think he has? Do I solve something with an android installed again? ,