Problem Signal failure A4 1.9 Tdi 1997


Dear colleagues, I am sorry to report a very strange malfunction in my car, which is getting worse and worse:

Since yesterday evening, I have noticed that the signaling no longer works either left or right. This means that the relay does not come into operation at all when I operate the signal lever, while driving.

I also noticed that the air conditioning is no longer working, in the sense that it tries to close, open, , I see several "bars" going up, down, etc. on the display and I hear the slot system closing, opening, etc. I do NOT know if it is a coincidence or not. The heating/cooling fan therefore no longer physically starts, only its speed indicator shows more or less on the climate display.

When I get home I will test with VAG-COM. I hope to find something. Have you experienced something similar?

I said that it doesn't work in motion, because if I get in the car and only turn on the ignition, so I don't activate the starter, the signaling works. In the same way, I also tested the breakdown, which goes on while moving or at rest. So engine off, on.

I didn't even check the fuses, because I thought it was impossible for them to be removed since the signaling works with the ignition on....