Problem Speed sensor A3 8L


Good evening!

Yesterday, I think my car got sick :( I was driving nicely at 80km/h and suddenly the car nosed for a bit (the tachometer needle went down and recovered immediately) and then it recovers. I have more walked a little and the engine stopped completely.

I pulled to the right and tried to start it, but I gave more to the automatic until it started, and when it started, the ESP sensor stayed on and there was a lack of power. I turned it off, left it for a while and then started it again and the sensor went off and the car drove normally.

When I got home, I put the vag-com on it and it gave me the error:

16706 - Engine Speed Sensor (G28): No Signal

P0322 - 35-10 - - - Intermittent

I deleted it and then the car started fine. Leaving it at idle, my engine died and the same error appeared. Now it seems to go worse, even if I delete the error when it starts it seems to shake a little, it accelerates slowly and sometimes it starts and immediately dies in 3-4 seconds.

What could it be from? Do I need to change this speed sensor?

I specify that the other day I cleaned the throttle but I don't know if I adjusted it correctly.

[01-Engine]>[10-Adaptation]>[channel-00]>[save val. 00]

[01-Engine]>[Mens. Bl.]>[Group 060]>[basic settings]

When I entered the basic settings, ADP RUN appeared and immediately ADP OK and I gave data to return but I didn't leave it very long. I understood that in basic settings I have to leave it until it finishes "whistling", but for me when ADP OK appeared, I gave done even if it was still "whistling", should I leave it?

I hope to find an answer to my questions because I feel very bad when I know my car is "sick".