Problem The central locking problem



I have a problem with the lock on an Audi a4 quatro 1.9 131 cp 2004 Avf

I open the car - close the door - turn on the ignition - start the engine - THE DOORS CLOSE - I can only open any door from the button on the door, only from the inside handle

if I stop the engine and do not remove the key from the ignition and open the driver's door and start and the doors do not close and I can press the button on the door both to close and to open

when I turn on the ignition, the doors close and it is heard once more over 15 km per hour that it closes...

I am attaching a document with a print screen with the coding on the central conv. , I tried to put the value of 00000, I dropped it, I added the codes there and still nothing, and I also attach the errors from the scan and the errors after deletion

at the initial recode the value was 07620 and I gave it to 00000

thank you in advance