Problem Trepidations idling 1.9 tdi


As it seems that the problem of tremors is quite common, I also have it when idling.
It is a4 1.9 BRB 193000 km. I recently bought the car, I have NOT done anything to it yet (distribution, oil check, filters, etc.). The car was serviced only in representatives of the VAG group, long-life service. It currently has 17 thousand since the last exchange.

The car runs super ok, it has power (the 116 hp really are all alive), it responds very well to acceleration, it doesn't emit smoke (more than normal), at least I haven't noticed it yet.

Problem no. 1 is that trepidation at idle that is felt throughout the car. It is a "minor" tremor. The engine vibrates slightly and very often as if it were a rapid tremor.

Problem no. 2 of which I am still not sure, but I felt something unusual about 2-3 times, more precisely an unusual "sponge" during acceleration, that is, I gradually accelerate when I leave the place and as if suddenly the car receives an extra power a little more violently as if NOS would give it (I exaggerated the explanation a bit to make myself as understandable as possible) I felt this only when starting from a stop, traffic lights, gear 1-2 maximum 3 .

After an autoscan with VagCOM, I found only 2 non-essential problems (a number bulb and the mirror control button was stupidly stiff), otherwise absolutely no errors.
I uploaded to check the injectors but I don't know what I got, I am attaching the results.
I'll read more about logs on the go and I'll try to make one.
Thanks in advance for any advice/opinion.