Problem Windows 11 startup error


In the topic 21h2 of a startup error and I would like to ask for your help if you have any idea how it could be fixed... Details:
Laptop Asus Tuf fx706h
BSOD at startup with the message - inaccessible boot device
In the repair options, cmd, through DiskPart, does not see any physical disk linked by default (and therefore the error makes sense)
Also in cmd I load the RST (Intel® Rapid Storage Technology) drivers - after adding them diskpart sees the ssd (nvme) and all partitions
System restore, uninstalling updates does not work - 1 system restore does nothing, and the second cannot complete the restoration
sfc /scannow does something but says "windows resource protection could not perform the requested operation"
Default BIOS settings, with or without secure boot enabled, makes no difference.
Clean installed Windows 11 works without problems (I backed up the previous partitions and put them back afterwards) so it doesn't seem like something physical.

It is generally desired to re-function the initial installation - do you think it is possible?

Thank you in advance!