News Windows 11 will not be updated on old PCs


Microsoft really wants to get users to buy a new PC to use the company's upcoming operating system and imposes, for this purpose, artificial limitations, which could even lead to lawsuits.

The American giant has come up with new clarifications regarding the use of Windows 11 on PCs with older processors, trying to shed light on a confusing and controversial case.

Thus, Windows 11 will only be able to be installed "clean" on old PCs. The user will be able to use the official ISO kit for this, but will discard all the settings previously made in Windows 10.

Under no circumstances will Windows 11 reach these systems through the automatic update system.

In addition, those who will install Windows 11 on their own will not benefit from updates either.

Users of old PCs who will cleanly install Windows 11 will also be deprived of security updates for vulnerabilities that will certainly be discovered in the future.

With this decision, Microsoft returns to an older policy, used in the case of systems such as Windows 95 or Windows XP, by which it tries to use new versions of Windows to boost the PC market.

This after, in recent years, with Windows 7 and Windows 10, Microsoft seemed more concerned with the success of its own operating system than with PC sales. In these cases, the systems were even specially optimized to run decently on old PCs as well.